Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I See Some Agreement

I see some agreement on my opinion of Home Depot. I think it's unfortunate that mine is 10 minutes away and Lowe's is more like 30. Yesterday morning found me back at HD to buy a piece of molding for underneath the cabinets. Now I know there is a place where they will cut lumber for you so I take my 15 foot long wobbly piece of wood to the cutting area. Finally find someone to ask for help. He calls someone. Meanwhile, I realize there is a self-service cart for cutting molding. Fabulous. I don't need to measure it. I just need to cut it approximately in half so it will fit in the car. Which I do. When finally someone shows up to ask if I need help. Duh. A little too late. Now I go off to find a miter box. And I buy a cheap wood one. But when I get it home I realize my problem. The box is too short for the molding to provide guidance in the first 1 1/2 inches of cutting. And the guiding cuts don't go all the way down to the bottom of box, so I can't cut the shoe molding either. What kind of f#$%*@& is this? I go back to HD. And lo and behold, there is a plastic version of a miter box with a backcut saw. On a display all by themselves. No where near the other mitering products. And don't get me started on why they only had blades for utility knifes in packages of 100.

Finally got my molding cut, but not the shoe molding yet.

DS left with a friend. And I lost my helper. He didn't come home till like around 4. At which point he and I moved the cabinet from the room, he pulled the last piece of old molding and I washed the floor. Turn on fan. Then start to lay tiles. Good thing I fought the impulse to not start in the middle. My kitchen wall is so crooked it isn't funny. Then I had to go pick up DD at work. And DS finished laying all the whole tiles.

Which finds me today cutting the perimeter tiles. Ugh. Hard. Not fun. And I sat on my glasses and bent them. Fortunately I have new ones ordered and they should be here any day now.

So it's going to take longer than I like to put this kitchen back together. Children ran off with a visitor to D.C. to go to the Spy Museum. No help there.

But I did get to Tuesday night stitch-in last night after dropping them off at Wolf Trap to see Guster. I had a lovely time. And made more serious progress on current project. Which I don't believe I've said a word about here. Soon.

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