Saturday, September 01, 2007

Further Organization

Okay. So all the projects that are started, or kitted even partially are in three bins. One for large projects. One for small Christmas projects, and one for small projects.

I just finished typing up a database of all the small projects. All 73 of the. I didn't count how many of these are actual UFOs. I'm saving that task for later. Boy, my hands are complaining.

I feel I'll be dipping into these bins frequently to keep up my pledge on no new projects. And maybe tomorrow I'll get around to the bin of large projects. That's the one that is gonna kill me. I want to do them all. That's why they are there.

1 comment:

Jenn L said...

Good grief girl!!!! I knew there was a good reason to not pre-kit projects!!! LOL

I'm curious to see what your actual UFO count is. :D I'm sure you have me beat, but I wanna see by how many.