Monday, September 03, 2007

Not So Bad

I just finished my database. I probably have missed one or two small projects because I didn't go check in my stitching bag, I just relied on my memory.

The totals for UFO's are not as bad as I feared.

I've got 137 projects that are completely or partially kitted.

I've got 30 UFO's.

Phew. I thought that number was much higher. But I have been working on older things this past year or so and I'm sure that helped.

As a reward (and to tease someone next week at stitch-in) I'm going to start my Fledermaus scissor fob. I've had this kitted for 3 years or so. I remember finding it at the shop in Poughkeepsie and it took me a while to locate all the threads I needed and the R & R eggplant fabric. I didn't go for the pumpkin charm that the designer used, but I found a silver spider. Even better.

Over one. Break out the magnifier!


Kathryn said...

I think you are very brave to count your UFOs. I know I also have a lot, but I'm not going to count them because I would just get into justifying why I am waiting for this or that to occur (contact by aliens or the changing of the earth's magnetic poles) and THEN I will be right there stitching them again. They are all just fuzzy WIPs out there somewhere.

jo said...

Kind of like I'm waiting to break my leg to go back to scrapbooking? LOL

If the magnetic poles changes, will my magnets still work to hold my needles or will I be back to finding them all over the floor?