Saturday, September 01, 2007

Halloweeeeny Fairy

I'm making great progress. I've got her wings, leaves beside her feet, backstitching and beading to go.

A note about her wings: I think in the photo, the Dandelion Stem green looks stripey.
My plan, and this is not original with me, is to stitch each section of the wing between the backstitching separately in order to make it look more like a natural wing. Of course this adds fractional stitches to my work load. But Priscilla is such a pleasure to work on that I won't mind a bit.

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Me said...

I was having issues w/her wings in the photo also, I opted to do them 1 floss over instead of 2, it's no where near as stripe-y.

I also ended up giving mine a right shoulder 'cuz I thought she needed it. Kinda funny looking. :o)