Saturday, September 29, 2007

MIssed Goal

I can pretty well see that I'm going to miss my goal of finishing, Priscilla, the Halloween Fairy by the end of September. All because I picked up that shop model to stitch. Which makes me realize that I don't possibly have time to stitch Mirror, Mirror for a Christmas present - it makes more sense to do that as a birthday gift next September. Because I truly need to finish Agnes Scott if I'm going to stand a chance of getting her finished in time for Woodlawn. Which was my one big goal for the year.

I was never great with deadlines. Especially self-imposed ones.

And in other news:

Three cheers for the Orioles beating the Yankees last night. The Red Sox win the AL East and are division champs for the first time since 1995!

Of course, on the other hand I am so bummed that the baseball season is coming to a close. Football just doesn't do it for me.


Kathryn said...

I know how sad the baseball season ending can be, though this year it is more like putting our sad team out of its misery. We Oakland As fans have been spoiled the past few decades. Winning the AL West several times and even getting to the division finals. This year not even over .500! Football is boring. Too many conferences and inexplicable penalties. At least we have college basketball. Go, UK!

Me said...

My baseball package just ended yesterday. *sigh* I'm a Braves fan so it was over for us awhile ago but still. Gonna be a long wait til April.