Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Missed It

Yesterday was the four year anniversary of my first post. Today is post number 802. I know my posting goes in spurts - I bop along posting consistently then something happens IRL and I stop for a week or so. Still, 4 years and 800 posts. I did manage to stick with this whole blogging enterprise fairly well.

(Unlike some people I know. Hint, hint.(If you stitch and think this is aimed at you, you are wrong.))

Gotta say it feels a little weird to not be participating in the ritual back to school thing this year. But I could grow to like it.

As for the stitching thing. Anyone working on the Halloween Fairy, I haven't stitched a thread since Saturday. And may not stitch on Priscilla again today. I picked up my little Fledermaus (translation: bat) scissor fob yesterday. Did the outline and most of the bat. I started by stitching the body and eyes. Then moved on to the wings and forgot what I was doing and started stitching with 2 threads instead of 1. Decided I liked how it looked and that I didn't want to frog it. So the wings and ears will be fuller than the body. But I'm so looking forward to the Kreinik bit - not. Two strands of yellow for the moon and there is a fair amount of it. Patience will be required.


Me said...

Happy Blogaversary! I'm still working on my H'ween Fairy, but getting tired of the same color for the wings. I've finished everything else so I'm stuck.

Anna van Schurman said...

Happy belated blogiversary!

Jenn L said...

Goody goody gumdrops, I can catch up with Hallie. Dress is done, working on skin now.

Now that I know the meaning, it's obvious... flying mouse. But in answering one question, you've raised more.... WHY would someone write an opera about a bat... and what would prompt people to watch it??? LOL Yes, Die Fledermaus is playing at the Civic Opera House this season.

Vonna said...

You make me smile when I read your posts. Thank you...for a smile is the gasoline for my day :)