Tuesday, September 18, 2007

JCS Ornament Issue '07

I've had the issue for nearly one week now. My first comment would be - I don't know how you managed to make this mistake again, but if you're looking at a chart, there is no page number there so you can quickly reference the picture. They've made this mistake before and then corrected it with a subsequent issue. Can't believe they let it slip again.

Will comment on the designs tonight or tomorrow. I'll do it before reading any blogs as I've haven't read a review yet and you'll get my unfiltered opinion.


Vonna said...

There are lots of mistakes...some of the ornaments aren't numbered correctly or are missing numbers...plus I don't think this is the most stunning of issues I've ever held..I'd give it a C+/B-
personally...I'm anxious to see what you think. I think they know its such a hot seller that they can let it go a little, I think they need to step up their efforts however.

Anna van Schurman said...

But the designers are listed in alphabetical order...I've never had a problem finding the patterns.

I can't believe you haven't read my review yet! You missed where I was called a pagan.

jo said...

Pagan stitchers of the world, untie!