Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Did I Do?

Well, sheets are clean and dry, but not yet back on the bed. No new vacuum either. I need to travel a little further afield on that one. Other than that. I'm good. Even snuck in making another earring of a beaded tassel so that I have a pair. I threatened to turn mine into earrings at last month's EGA meeting and wear them this month. Just making good on my threat. Er, challenge. Also added a trip to P.O. and a library. Because DVDs are due in 7 days. Which means for once I don't owe the library any money. I support my local library with late fees.

So it's off to our chapter meeting this morning. We're doing a show n tell kind of program today. Next month is a lawyer with copyright info. This is getting interesting. Then I need to go pick up a freecycle find. Hopefully it's a keeper and will be a gift of sorts. Can't say what it is here. Then return some things I bought at Wal-Mart that turned out to be unnecessary. I've been putting that off for quite a while. Because I love going there almost as much as going to Home Depot. (I think I spared you all my Home Depot rant from last week. I vented on Facebook instead. Suffice it to say an employee giving me the hand sent me over the edge. That was and will be my last trip to Home Depot.)

Had fun messing with the stash. Of course a sneaky kitty had half a skein of floss down his throat before I saw him. Managed to get it away from him. Don't need any emergency surgery bills. Still need to put things totally away. But good news I located my Democratic Donkey Mill Hill beaded pin. That only has its rear end stitched. I wondered what I'd done with it. Last fall it seemed like it fallen into a black hole. Amazingly enough I had put with my beading supplies. And even though I've been in that particular box many times, I had never turned over that plastic bag to see what was in there. D'oh.

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Charlotte said...

I refused to go to the Home Depot years ago for the very same reason. I said DONE and haven't been back.