Friday, February 06, 2009

I Seem to Have Misplaced my Motivation - Again

Weirdness. I started a new piece last week - A Whimsical Element's flip flop. I think, was it Anna? who stitched this a year or more ago? Anyway, I started it while at stitching group and promptly put a knot in the back. Which I tried unsuccessfully to unstitch. So that got set aside to work on at home. Moved back to hardanger piece. Okay. That's fine. Yesterday I started on hardanger piece and moved on to Mirror, Mirror. But neither piece was thrilling me. And so last night, while making dinner, I found some white canvas in my stash and put together two small pieces on stretcher bars so I could start experimenting with bargello. Only to find that this wasn't 18ct canvas. It's 14ct. I have no idea why I have 14ct canvas. Rather than waste it, I started stitching with two plies of Anchor perle 5. Still not great coverage and I should probably go get some Appleton's wool.

I just realized that somehow instead of publishing my post about Stitch in Public Day, I had saved it as a draft. See posts below this one...

So, yeah. Tomorrow is Stitch in Public Day and I've got no idea what to bring. I've got no idea what I want to be working on at Woodlawn in March when manning the demo room. Maybe I need to go through the kitted projects pile and see what is singing a siren song to me. Feels weird not to know what I want to work on.

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