Monday, February 09, 2009


Took a quick trip to Fredericksburg to visit with DS. Unfortunately DH has caught a terrible cold. Darn those rhinoviruses. Went to lunch at Cracker Barrel 'cause the boy wanted breakfast. Where I got to watch him eat - sausage, ham, bacon, eggs, hashbrown casserole, sausage gravy and biscuits (2), fried apples, and grits. Then we went shopping for new jeans for him. Followed by a visit to the Big Flea antique show. Where we found him a birthday present - a replacement Navy pea coat. A replacement in that both children have worn the old one my husband had purchased in college. The poor thing is raggedy and falling apart. I guess I can retire it now.

That makes me wonder what I can do with that black wool? Did I mention what a pain it is to wear black wool in our house with a 20 lb. mostly white cat?

I saw some things that tempted me while shopping, but resisted. One lady did have a booth filled with antiquey sewing tools, accessories, and linens. I did briefly consider a tool, but don't know prevailing prices and thought it was a bit on the high side. Saw a nice needlepoint Victorian wall pocket, but it was askew and the bottom was coming unattached from its plaque. No firescreens, which is something I've been looking to acquire.

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