Friday, February 20, 2009


Okay. I am getting better. The coughing is subsiding. I'm still having coughing jags, but they are further and further apart in time. Of course, I now have an ear that feels like it is hearing underwater. But I can live with that.

I found Shay Pendray's Needle Arts Studio Dvd at the library earlier this week. Still haven't watched it. Maybe today. They also had about a dozen knitting and crocheting Dvds. I've always seen the ads for Shay's show on PBS, but have never actually lived somewhere where they broadcasted it. Don't forget to check your libraries, people! You never know what treasures lurk there.

A big, huge thank you to my friends at the Scarlet Thread. They helped me celebrate my birthday a week late yesterday with a cake, cards, and even an especially written birthday poem just for me! It felt great to get out of the house. Of course, as usual, I kept laughing then coughing. It's much better if I don't laugh. The Winter Olympics episode of Top Gear nearly killed me earlier this week.

And so as a birthday gift to me from me, I've started to kit up DebBees Designs Glitz and Glamour Amethyst. No color changes on this one. We'll just consider this a companion piece to In the Midnight Hour. The shop will have to special order some threads which is good because I can certainly wait to start a new piece. I even did some stitching yesterday on a present for my SIL. I've got seven months.

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