Monday, February 23, 2009

Mirror, Mirror Part Deux

Well. Today the settings on my blog are back to normal, but Picasa and Blogger don't seem to want to play well together. Mirror, Mirror is by Abbey Lane Designs. I've had this in my stash for a while. Meant to stitch it for myself. But last year DH said he thought his sister would appreciate something I stitched. It has been a while since I stitched anything for her. Let's see. Circa 1990 or so. I did a sweatshirt with waste canvas of a reindeer. It was pretty darn nice. No photos from back in the day. Oh well. Her birthday isn't until September.

I managed to put in some time on it last night while watching the Oscars. Despite DH's protestations that my light is simply too much. Without it I can't see to stitch at night. There should be some compromise here. It's not like I try to use every night.

As for the Oscars: Good job, Hugh Jackman. It's too bad with his talent they didn't give him better material to work with. Yeah! for Sean Penn. He's amazing. Kate Winslet - I just don't get her. She's too earnest or something. She doesn't make acting look effortless like Meryl Streep. Sophia Loren looked like Mae West in Myra Breckenridge. For those that know the movie, this is not a compliment, right? Whose boobs came closer to falling out, Goldie's or Sarah Jessica's? Penelope Cruz - a classy lady. Thanks for working with Woody. It was a pleasure for all who saw it. Heath - what can we say? It's a sorrowful thing that there is a limited amount of him on film. (I've got Roar on Dvd. Anyone else?) And congrats to Slumdog for kicking Benjamin Button to the curb.

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