Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Newest Canvas Project

Amybear's Night Flight.

This has a companion piece, Desert Sunset, which I may or may not eventually stitch. I've got a friend working on the Sunset which is what made me purchase Night Flight. Which is gorgeous, BTW.

So far, I've changed the black lines from 2 strands of DMC 12 to 1 strand of DMC 5. Phew. Two strands of 12 was impossible to deal with. Kept knotting up and did not want to play nice. I've still got a bit left to unstitch. But I started other sections of black lines and the 5 is so much easier to work with. I've e-mailed the designer with a question which is delaying my starting to fill in the lines so I'll just continue stitching lines for a while. Seems she changed the stitches in section 2 as she decided the ones used in the photo were too difficult. Well, I want the difficult. I think I can tell what it is from the photo, but am awaiting confirmation. Also, the color for section 1 was way too grayed out for me. And I've been experimenting with changes to that section. I guess that means I'll soon start stitching the bird until I work out these other issues.

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