Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Donna '78

I was sitting right here at the computer yesterday afternoon watching the skies grow darker, the wind start to blow, the rain begin to pound the ground, the lightning flash and the entire time I was hoping that this front would move through quickly because I had tickets to Wolf Trap. For the lawn. Where we usually sit.

DS and I went and voted in the primary for the governorship of the commonwealth of Virginia. I've never been in a polling place before without any other voters. Was a bit eerie. I guess everyone else was waiting for the downpour to pass. Nevertheless. We did our civic duty and went to pick up sandwiches at Jerry's, a source of decent Italians once you add on the pickles, banana peppers, and red pepper spread.

Got to Wolf Trap. Not to many cars there yet. Ate half my sandwich. Had a beer. Decided to go and upgrade to seats inside. Came back to the car. Had another beer. Or two. (We took a little trip last weekend to Total Wine and bought some interesting bottles of brew. What can I say...)

Then dodged a few raindrops and we found our seats inside. Tenth row. Not to shabby. And we were blown away. Opening act - Sneakin' Out. Their mash-up of the Stones' Paint it Black and Beethoven rocks. The percussionists came out in cowboy boots and red fluffy tutu-like skirt and he even plays an old-fashioned typewriter! They were awesome.

And Pink Martini. What can I say? If you haven't ever seen them perform live, you need to.

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