Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stitchy Nest Photos

View entering the bedroom. That's my chair and light over their in the corner. See that expanse of bare wall above it? I've got two projects that would be perfect for that space. Let's see if I can stitch them before 1) I move the furniture again or 2) we move (not planning on this for years).

Not sure what the spots are about in this photo. View from the chair. The blue paint is darker than it appears.

View from the chair looking towards the bathroom. That's all good stuff behind the magic curtain. And that's my Poseidon hanging on the wall in the bathroom.

Two Elfa carts filled with fabric and fibers and stretcher bars and scroll frames and Q-snaps and various other stitchy items. Canvas in the basket on the right. Kitted projects in the big plastic bin in the middle. More kitted projects, some in progress to left of the box.

The works in progress keeping going up the wall. Along with the rest of my fibers. I'm much happier now to have all of this within easy reach and organized.


Angela said...

Looks good. Great storage system, must start to organise something like that for myself.

Sara Leigh said...

That looks great, Donna. But surely you have room for a spinner or two. Hahahahaha.