Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A New Nest

On Sunday before the Mystic class, I dropped my DH at the airport. He's off to Dallas for a few days. (Dulles to Dallas - I can't resist...)

That meant that yesterday was time to rearrange the bedroom. My problem was that the telly was on the same wall as my chair. Now you'd think I could move my chair. But no. It's a large chair. Made of ash. Heavy stuff. And it only fits in that one corner of the bedroom.

I cleaned everything off the dressers, the nightstands, and moved the other miscellaneous stuff out of the way. Then woke up DS to help me with the heavy lifting. Thus the bed and nightstands have moved to the opposite wall. And telly and two dressers had a similar journey. I'm still in the process of using the vacuum and will take photos later. I had to stop to meet with a friend for lunch. But everything is now is the proper place.

This meant I needed 3 things yesterday:
  1. a cord concealer for the floor for that short run of cable from the bed to the telly
  2. a tension curtain rod for my closet
  3. an extension cord with a slimline plug that can take a 3 pronged plug
I started at Target. Found an extension cord, not with the extension cords, but in electronics. A surge protector with a slimline plug. Yeah! Found the curtain rods. Found the right size on the display. Bought the wrong size, but didn't realize it until last night. Someone had put a shorter rod in the longer rod holder. Duh. Return trip to Target today.

Now is when I start thinking that maybe a swivel for the telly might be a good idea. And I need a cord concealer. Went to Best Buy. Nothing. Went to Office Depot. Nothing. Decide to risk the afternoon drive to Tyson's and the Container Store. Nothing. (At least this lady tries to be helpful, unlike the previous two places. She suggests the internet.) Finally arrive at Staples where they are undergoing a major renovation and nothing is where it should be. The cashier finds me a manager after I have I searched the entire store. The only reason I leave with a cord concealer is that he recognizes the bottom of the green box up higher than I can reach on a shelf. Thank you. Drive home of course now puts me in rush hour traffic. Always fun on Route 7. But I've got good music on my MP3 player and I plug it in and while away the time in the left hand lane singing along to Prince and Patty Larkin.

No swivels to be found in stores. Everyone's is selling things to mount tellys on the wall. Maybe here online. Or I could see if my oak lazy susan that my sister bought for me after she won the raffle at the furniture store that I made her drive to so I could use her truck to bring home my dining table is strong enough. (See. She never would have entered if it wasn't for me. Nice of her to buy me a gift. I don't remember what she bought herself as this was years ago. I'll have to ask her.)

The results of this are that I have a new stitching nest in my bedroom. I moved my daylight light upstairs. And with the sliding doors providing wonderful afternoon light, I should be able to stitch to my hearts content. And all my supplies are mere steps away. Except for the books. Which are two floors down. I'm going to have to ruminate on this. Maybe just bring up certain reference books?


Angela said...

Thought that sounded like an awful lot of hassle until the end when I realised the point of the whole exercise.

Hope you have many hours of happy stitching in your new stitching area.

C in DC said...

Enjoy your new nest! Sounds lovely. Now that our au pair has left, I'm rethinking what's where. My current craft closet isn't really adequate for holding both stamping and stitching things.