Friday, June 12, 2009

Second to Last Week

Yesterday was second to last meeting for my Thursday morning group at my LNS which is closing.
I think I was having trouble concentrating and didn't accomplish a whole lot of stitching.

I dunno. Maybe 13 women mostly all talking at once was the problem/joy.

Yes. I bought some more threads. Yes. I found another pattern or two or three that had to follow me home.

I got The Victoria's Sampler Letter L with the accessory pack. I won't be stitching the "L is for Librarian" part. Instead will use our last name.

I just reread that first sentence. We will be continuing to meet. But not meeting at the shop will be different. First of all, no shopping after stitching. Mostly, no shopping. We're hoping the shop owner will continue to meet with us at our new location, if another job doesn't interfere. We even have found some new friends in the past few weeks who are willing to join us in our journey to a new space.

Fortunately within our ranks, is a wonderful woman who has found us a space to meet. The community room in her condo building. Complete with valet parking. We can have food. And there's a television if anyone needs to show needlework videos. Or maybe indulge in a chic flick or two.

It will all be fine.

Still it feels like an end of a era or something.

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Lisa said...

I am sorry to hear about your LNS closing. It sounds like the group will still be able to meet - which is good news because stitching friends are important to have! I hope that it works out and everyone finds it in their heart to make it to the meetings and stitch together even though they will not be able to shop afterward. Change is hard, but it sound like you have a solid group of stitching friends!
Take care!