Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I don't feel too energetic and the weather outside is not helping. I've hardly accomplished anything today - chalk that up to waking up at 3 a.m.

At least our recently acquired black Mazda now has an EZPass to call its own. And DoD decal, too. I've gotten so used to my Toyota that does everything, that driving this Mazda can be a challenge. There was that moment approaching the toll booth when I had think - shift, change, window, throw, shift, window. Yikes. Too much to do. LOL

Been busy scanning old photos, etc. Mostly because it needs to be done, but also because I've been putting up stuff on facebook.

Been posting things like this. A photo from my party after high school graduation. That's me on the left, and my friends, Renee and Barb. Renee is wearing that t-shirt that says "A woman's place is in the House...and the Senate." And all three of us have on our Dr.Scholl's sandals.

I did needlework back then. Unfortunately none of it survives. I embroidered on my clothes. Did surface work kits. Stamped cross stitch. Even chickenscratch. I did get to see a piece I did in 1976 that I gave to my grandmother. It was a kit from Avon, I believe. The 13 original colonies state flowers and birds in crewel. My stitching was good. The framing was bad. The fabric was ruined, yellowed, and literally falling apart due to glue. I didn't bother trying to salvage any of it.


Sara Leigh said...

I love the picture, Donna!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I did the crewel kit, from Avon, of the flowers from the 13 original colonies!

Dr Scholl's Exerciser Sandals - loved them until I broke an ankle (entirely my fault, I was running down the stairs in them).

Mary Eman