Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Of all the holidays, this one for me has only terrific memories associated with it. Maybe because it's summer. And we were always staying at the lake in NH.

We'd all meet at the fairgrounds on July 3rd for horseback riding, carnival rides, turtle races, bingo, and the world's best French fries. At midnight the local volunteer fire department would light a huge bonfire topped by a car. I think I always fell asleep on the way home and my father would carry me into the house. On the 4th we'd go back for more fun and fireworks.

As adults, I've managed to be back in NH for the 4th and my sister's fantabulous parties at the lake. Too much terrific food and drink. And boating, swimming, and socializing. And great music provided by my BIL. Cannon fire and maybe slightly illegal fireworks. Gotta make noise.

Not a bad memory in the bunch.

Even the year we watched the fireworks on the beach in Monterey and the fog was in so we couldn't actually see the fireworks was great. Just big explosions and vague lightbursts in the clouds.

All to celebrate a bunch of dead white guys being smart enough to strike out on their own away from Britain.

Have a safe and happy holiday, citizens of the United States!

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Anna van Schurman said...

Funny, we never did anything for 4th of July even though we were in NH. Sometimes my mom and I would take our beach chairs to my grandmother's church where we'd meet up with my father's rellies and watch the fireworks, but the rest of the day? Nothing. Not even a hot dog. I guess now it seems a bit weird to celebrate when I'm sleeping with the enemy. ;p