Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More NH Photos

On Star Island looking at the White Island Lighthouse. This was taken from the Caswell Cemetery.

The Fort Point Light at Fort Constitution in Newcastle, NH.

What to do after a trip out to the Isle of Shoals?
Why beer and lobster of course. Yes. I ate both of them.

Something I found in a consignment shop in Manchester while shopping with my sister on Saturday. Reminds me of my childhood hours spent at the public library.


Anna van Schurman said...

The one time I found something cute at a consignment store in NH, it was something that my mother had brought in...that I had given to her. Doh!

Sara Leigh said...

What are you keeping in the card catalog box? I love it!

Donna said...

Anna, that is too funny.

I don't know what to put in the card catalog box. There were some recipes in it. Mostly from the 1980s as some were actual magazine pages with dates. All deserts. I may have to evaluate them before discarding.