Saturday, July 18, 2009

Quick Update

Running off with sister soon, so I only have a few moments of fast typing and probably typos...

Drove up to NH on Tuesday. Uneventful. Did manage a side trip to the Thistle Needleworks in Glastonbuy, CT. I love this store. Only get to it once a year, but it's definitely worth the slight detour. Scored 11 back issues of Needlepoint Now. Got the rest of my fibers for DeeBee's Designs - Glitz and Glamour Topaz. And the last skein of Threadworx that I needed for an Amybear piece. Did not purchase anything else, though I had fun looking. Ate lunch at the little Chinese place next door. Very inexpensive, yet quite good.

Wednesday was all about moving DD into her dorm. Called sis on way back to NH and we went for supper. Was going to eat at the beach, but it was an hour wait. Moved inland, ate a place called Wings Your Way and after eating I was too tired to continue so we went home. This place really piles on the food. The buffalo wing sauce hot version was almost too hot. I can't imagine what the extreme version is like.

Thursday went to Londonderry to visit a friend from RCTN. We talked, had tea, did a garden tour, shared WIPs, went to two bead stores and two yarn stores. Yeah, I found a few little things. Had some terrific Mexican food for lunch and talked a lot more.

Friday - spent the day at the lake. I cannot possible put into words how relaxing and stress relieving this is. Then did the redneck NH and went to the stock car races. DS got to spend the night in a push jeep racing around the track after crashes. He had an amazing evening. I had fun watching, sitting in the beer tent drinking with my sister.

Today? Who knows?


Lisa said...

Sounds like you have had one busy week - lots of fun things to do after moving in DD to dorm. Activities for today...more R&R at lake would get my vote!
Take care.

Sara Leigh said...

I missed seeing you on Thursday. Sounds like you're having a great time! When are you heading back?