Friday, July 10, 2009

Successful Transition

I would say that our Thursday morning group that was displaced by the closing of our LNS has made a successful transition to a new meeting space! Thanks to a member who got us into a community room in her condo building here in my hometown of Reston. Plenty of free parking and lots of places from which to procure lunch. Opportunities to shop (though unfortunately not for stitching supplies) after stitching. Even a farmer's market if you stay late enough. Eleven of us made it, including one new friend to the group. I'm happy everyone seems to be happy.

I was stitching on another Betsy Morgan project - All Year Square. And then realized I'd made a booboo somewhere in the rabbit. Put that aside and frogged it when I got home. Someone else was knitting a gorgeous pair of socks. I've not been keeping up with the yarn world and suddenly I'm sorry. I was very impressed with this Kaffe Fasset yarn. Fortunately I had brought other things with me and continued crocheting my navy blue MP3 holder. I'm working on the strap now and soon will be finished.

On the home front: DD leaves Alaska today and arrives home tomorrow. She's in a for a nice, long trip. But we'll be happy to have her back for a few days. Then she's off to graduate school at Clark University. Some of us are driving north to NH, but not all of us. Unfortunately the simple recharge the AC system in the car we are giving her has turned into a money pit. Oh well. At least the car will be in tiptop shape.

She's flying into Baltimore and that gives me an unexpected opportunity to stop by the Stitching Post. I can finally use my punched discount cards. Though this store is at least one hour's drive away from me, it is the best fit for my shopping needs since the Scarlet Thread has closed. I've always found something there that I have to have. Plus for added pleasure there are two other stores right beside it - a quilting store and a yarn store. It's a trifecta of epic proportions. Now to go check the master list and see what else I need...if anything.

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