Monday, July 06, 2009

Dear Husband

Come home soon and teach the boy how to drive the stick shift before I die of laughter. No way am I going to do this with our daughter. There are too many stop lights where we live...

'Nuf ced.

Started organizing the basement. It doesn't seem right to call this a basement. Really it is the bottom level of our townhouse. Fully finished. With a walkout in the bar. Haven't parted with much on the paper crafting side of things. You know I'm plotting to keep it all. I might need it! Someday. Argh.

All the rubber stamps fit into 9 drawers of two Anchor floss cabinets. That leaves me with three drawers for oversized paper? or whatever. Felt good to toss those dozen or so acrylic picture frames that I had my stamps store in. I probably should have kept one for transportation to and from the cabinet to a work area. I can always buy another one as the garbage has already been picked up this morning.

I think I will continue to put most of this away for evaluation on another day. I need to go through and find out which ink pads are dried out, which pens no longer work, what stickers I have that I absolutely don't need, all those stencils, etc. I've already gifted a teacher with nearly my entire collection of foam rubber stamps. I kept one alphabet.

I can probably make the most room by removing old magazines. My goal is to leave nothing stacked on the floor. Not sure if that is attainable. But I feel like I'm making headway. It's the two boxes of stuff that came from the desk that are challenging me now. All those odds and ends. Do I really need multi-colored staples and paper clips? Microbeads? What fun!


Anna van Schurman said...

When I asked my father to teach me to drive a stick, he handed me the keys to his Bronco. Um, a little help here? I ended up going to a parking lot with my aunt in my mother's little Subaru. She was infinitely patient. Highly recommend a third party to help.

Sara Leigh said...

I think David (my DXH) tried to teach Jane how to drive a stick, briefly. I don't think it worked out. Ha! I learned in driver's ed, back in the olden days when they only had cars with standard gear shifts on the column.

When you're done with your basement, can you come tackle mine? (ducks to avoid magazine hurtling toward head)