Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More on Saturday EGA Meeting

I arrived early to help with set-up and stayed till there was only a handful of us left. Long day, but I had a so much fun.

Our first order of business was the social hour. Breakfast nibblies, juice, and coffee provided by the Board. Then we moved on to the stash enhancement time. I think most people left satisfied from this sale. My problem was deciding if I wanted to sell or I wanted to buy. You can see from the previous post which one I chose. Then came the short and sweet business meeting.

Next came the class for those who were participating. This was a Crazy Quilt Stocking taught by Lucy Edminson. Lucy had picked fabric by the color we had indicated and then let us swap from her stash if we wanted to. Then she had us jump right in cutting and sewing. Most of us got to the embellishment stage before the end of the day. This is mine at the start of embellishing. I've gotten to the point of sewing on beads now. And soon will be looking through my fabric stash for the backing and lining fabric. I might have some blue velvet leftover from Christmas gifts made years ago. Lucy shared with us some of her fabulous crazy quilting including a gorgeous white vest she made for her husband.

In the middle of day, we stopped for lunch. Which was catered by the French Connection. This included some terrific tiny pastries. Yum! I thought the yellow cake was lemon. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be pineapple! Still good, just a suprise.

After lunch came voting on National by-laws changes and election of officers. Followed by awards for IFFs (our version of show and tell is
I Finally Finished It, which we exhibit every month and put an entry into the box.) Then the opportunity drawing. And the President's Challenge.

This year's challenge was a bookmark. We picked a floss from a bag and were supposed to use that color and stitch a bookmark of any size based on a favorite book using at least 3 different stitches.

For mine, I chose a book of poetry called the Far Field by Theodore Roethke. I gave this book to my husband for Valentine's Day in 1984 back before he was my husband. I know 'cause I wrote inside the book. I used one particular poem called the Rose and chose three short bits from the poem to create my own little poem. Stitches are cross stitch, backstitch, longarmed cross, 4-sided stitch, and hemstitching.

A wonderful day spent with lots of terrific women who appreciate needles and thread.

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Anna van Schurman said...

Sounds like a fun day. And your bookmark is lovely!