Wednesday, April 07, 2010

See - I Thought Nothing Was Happening, But Apparently I Was Mistaken

It's Wednesday already and there is nothing new here this week. Been slowly plugging away at Stars. I'm more than halfway through Marilyn Monroe and I had a moment when I thought my accent color was wrong. But I continued stitching and I'm back to liking it. Whew. I don't need any more color changes on this piece.

I took my "Little Green Acorns" sampler with me to the hairdresser. I might as well stitch a thread or two while waiting for the dye to do its thing in that marvelous transformation process. She was interested in what I was doing and I did some explaining. Though with 3 young children, I don't think she has time for a new hobby. I like this other salon better. The lighting for stitching is terrific and the lighting for scrutinizing yourself in the mirror is way more flattering than the other place I was going. 

I thought that maybe I could stitch last night while watching the baseball game, but I was wrong. Instead, because we were watching downstairs where it's cooler, I started perusing my stitching library. I'm looking for some inspiration for a mystery SAL, bookmark ideas, and checking to see what info I have on the origin of stumpwork. I really need to cull a few things - that's the conclusion of last night's perusing. 

And mentioning stumpwork reminds me that next week we've got a stumpwork project being taught by this year's winner of Best in Show at Woodlawn at our EGA meeting. 

And if that's not enough, on Saturday at the Loudoun Sampler Guild, we're having a lecture that was rescheduled from February - Carol and Steven Huber lecture on Antique Samplers.

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