Friday, April 30, 2010

I Made a Mistake One Year Ago

Last year a group of us from RCTN (which is a newsgroup and I read it through google groups) decided to organize a stitch along and picked a freebie from Laura Perin's website. This is my first finish, though the colors aren't true as this is the hunter green canvas. 

I kitted up two more versions of this - one using Watercolours Lilac and one based on the color blue. 

I started the Lilac based one and one day at stitching I suddenly developed a problem. Couldn't figure out why the motif wasn't centered in the box. I put it away that day and stitched on something else. Last night I dragged it out - yes, it's been in hiding for a whole year plus! And right away saw my error. I had started stitching the motif from the corners in one of the middle boxes. Duh!

I'm happy finding the error was that easy. But really. I ignored it for a whole year??? 

and edit from later in the day...
P.S. I would be finishing this tonight, but I didn't kit with metallic shiny ribbon. Instead I had substituted Neon Rays. Alas I have decided it needs the shiny blingy stuff and will have to wait till tomorrow to go and purchase some.

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