Monday, April 12, 2010

Stars Sunday

Seven of the group who are stitching along on Stars managed to meet on Sunday. Always a treat to see how other color combinations are coming along. I got to start Clark Gable yesterday and I am loving the bargello portion of that block. 

I always made the decision when I started Clark that after finishing him, I would move into the two center blocks next. Then I can stitch around the perimeter. That should solve any problems about touching what I've already stitched, other than the outer border. Clark is moving much faster than Marilyn. I kind of already knew from watching my friend, Amanda, stitch this piece that some blocks are easier than others. 

Now as to what I have learned already from working on Stars and these thoughts are just my personal opinions:

I've been humbled by this design. I do not know shortcuts on this piece. Every time I thought I knew an easier or simpler way, I have been wrong. From here on I am slavishly following the directions. I am doing things in order, step by step. My only changes will be substitutions for  a couple of threads and occasionally in the number of plies used. 

That stitching with a group certainly helps motivate me. If I had been stitching this without a group, this piece might have hit my UFO pile already. 

That finishing a block gives you a real sense of accomplishment which in turns fuels my desire to stitch the next one. I am hoping this continues and if it does, I'll finish this much sooner than I expected. But I'm not counting on that. I know something will come along to stop my stitching mojo on Stars. 

In other news:  I picked up my two pieces from Woodlawn yesterday. Now where to hang them? 

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