Monday, April 19, 2010

Slow Weekend

The slowness started on Friday while at stitching. First up, working on my stumpwork piece, "Frosted Berries." I am having difficulty with the needleweaving. Not sure if I just need to grow more hands. But controlling the tension, yet knowing where to weave is escaping me. So I put it down.

Next up. The "Ravish Me" canvas. I've worked the background down to the letters and oops - compensating for both the last letter and the border was beyond me. Sometimes I just can't count like that. 

Third try - Eileen Bennet's "Little Green Acorns." I had started the over one alphabet. On the fourth letter, which I'm stitching in a different color 'cause it's my initial, I realize that it's not matching up with the band above. Sure enough, that band has a problem. I skipped a stitch. So out it comes. All in all, not much progress made and I avoided the bag with these three projects for the remainder of the weekend. 

Instead of picking up a needle this weekend, I picked up my drawing pencils and graph paper and started in on a bargello design. I have this idea in my head and am trying desperately to make it work. Lots of false starts. Now it's time to transfer what's working to my computer. I tried to start this on the computer, but was having difficulty and just gave up. 

All in all, problems wherever I turned. I'm sure if I'd made a souffle, it would have fallen. I hope the herbs I planted survive.


Teresa S. said...

I have days like this too, Donna. But a bargello design sounds like just the thing to get your mind off of it!

Anna van Schurman said...

Frustrating! Can't wait to see the bargello.