Sunday, April 11, 2010


Yesterday's lecture with the Hubers was wonderful. They are charming and knowledgeable and I believe we all had a tremendously great time. They did a slide show presentation that was an overview of samplers that included many personal anecdotes including one imitation of Betty Ring by Carol. 

They concluded the lecture by offering an appraisal of samplers brought by members. I certainly am better educated this morning if I ever dare to purchase an antique sampler. 

These photos are just a smattering of what they brought to share with us. I've always been a sucker for red on white. Striking, isn't it?

Detail of a border on one of the unframed samplers. Nothing like Queen stitch for an entire border of a fairly large sampler.

Below is one of the pieces that is English in origin. Very, very pretty.

Couldn't get great photos of everything due to overhead lighting. I love the detail on the house in this one. And of course, the willow tree.

This is my favorite piece of all the ones they brought. Price tag on it is $145,000. Though Stephen maintains that is woefully underpriced as another sampler from this school has sold for $300,000.

Lastly, an updated photo of Stars. This is Marilyn and she's totally finished now and looks like wow!


Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing theolder samplers. They are beautiful. I love your color choices for Stars. There are lots of colors in this project. I could not move away from the designers suggestion. I have not seen this pattern in person so I am not even sure what the designer suggests. The two or three WIPs I have seen are all very different because of color selections. I may have to look into this project a little more closely.

Sara Leigh said...

Marilyn looks great! Looking at yours, I feel better about mine (though your stitching does eclipse mine, as usual). I was going to use an extra strand for the parallelograms, but now I don't know. They look fine in yours, which I'm assuming you did as Tony suggested, with two strands. Maybe I'll have done those stitches by the time we meet this afternoon, but probably not.

Teresa S. said...

Stars is coming right along and the colors are really working. Looks great!