Friday, April 09, 2010

Tough Day

Woke up in the middle of the night - don't know if it was Wednesday or Thursday as I didn't check the time - with a raging headache. It continued to wake me up off and on for the remainder of the night. Got up by 7:30 and started medicating. And refused not to go to Thursday morning stitching, even though that darn headache was still present. It had reduced somewhat by the time my friends came to pick me up. And I started off by graphing a design for my mystery SAL, as opposed to stitching. By the time we left stitching, it was just a vaguely dull feeling that didn't totally lift till after dinner. I blame the weather changes, etc. 

Did I manage to get some stitching done? Yes. Another two bands on "Little Green Acorns." And I started stitching on my mystery SAL. I feel badly that I won't be able to share any of this with you until the very end of the year. But I will photograph everything as it comes into my possession and as it leaves. Hardest thing ever not talking about this with my friends who are participating...

The view from Hains Point across the Washington Channel to the cherry trees on Fort McNair, third oldest Army post in the nation. What's older? West Point and Carlisle Barracks in Pennsylvania.

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Teresa S. said...

Hope you are feeling better today, Donna. And I admit that you have got me wondering about that Mystery SAL???