Monday, November 08, 2010

The Quarter Stitch

I'm not sure how much of my New Orleans trip I will post here. Let's start with the stuff you might be interested in.

On Monday I escaped the clutches of the conference and wandered back into the French Quarter to explore the aptly named The Quarter Stitch. 

From the outside looking in the windows.

Even the post gets decorated.
Inside the shop:  lots of hand painted canvases attached to the walls. Lots of yarns. Not a lot of fibers for needlepoint. Just your basic DMC and Paternyan.

There is a front room. A middle room. And a wee tiny backroom that holds cross stitch charts and models of local things. You can cross stitch a gumbo recipe. Or a streetcar.

But, oh don't we do a pretty job of wrapping the treasures.

What I bought:  A cross stitch chart of a St. Charles line streetcar. A chart of mini-motifs of New Orleans. A Joan Thomasson kit of the Merry Widow. I couldn't decide between her and the Fallen Angel. And a mini-stocking of a cajun santa. 

Did I get to stitch in the Big Easy? Yup. Just a bit. I think I finally mastered the counting on a hardanger border but by the time I mastered it I was frustrated and put it down. I started Matter's Choice, Carriage House Samplings,  on the airplane and continued with that in our hotel room. 

Speaking of Carriage House, Kathy has announced that her younger sister, Mary, is going to take over the company. That means that Carriage House isn't going away after all. Can't wait to see what direction this all takes. Read the news here in Kathy's blog.

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Kathryn said...

I'm glad they are still there, but I don't remember them carrying any knitting yarn decades ago. I till have a Dixie Beer and Red Beans and Rice cross stitch patterns from them and a small needlepoint Rhino that I was too afraid to stitch. It might even still be wrapped in their colorful papers. I love the mini-motifs and the Santa and croc. New Orleans is such a fun city.