Monday, November 22, 2010

What? Another Book Meme?

Anna and her book memes. I play along every time.

ABC Book Meme
For this meme, you list a favorite book that starts with each letter of the alphabet. If you don’t have a book for a letter (such as Z or X) then you can substitute a favorite book that simply has that letter in the title (ex. The Lost City of Z or Hot Six by Janet Evanovich). However, you can only do this a maximum of 3 times. (Z, X, and Q. But not Z, X, Q, and V.) Books can be of any genre from fiction to non-fiction to poetry to textbooks. 

My answers. Let's see how many I can do just by using books of poetry on the shelves behind me...

A:   Ariel by Sylvia Plath
B:  Blessing the Boats by Lucille Clifton
C:  Circles on the Water by Marge Piercy
D:  Distant Early Warning by Rad Smith
E:  Evangaline by Longfellow
F: Fathering Words by E. Ethelbert Miller
G: Good Poems for Hard Times edited by Garrison Keillor
H:  Hard Not to Be King by Robert Frost
I:  Idylls of the King by Alfred Lord Tennyson
J:  Jackstraws by Charles Simic
K: Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
L:  Live or Die by Anne Sexton
M: My Wicked Ways by Sandra Cisneros
N:  Night Rider by Robert Penn Warren
O:  O Taste and See by Denise Levertov
P:  Poems of Love and Marriage by John Ciardi
Q: Questions about Angels by Billy Collins
R:  Red Letter Days by Mekeel McBride
S:  Sonnets to Orpheus by Rainer Marie Rilke
T:  Twenty Years in Bed with the Same Man by Joan Logghe
U: For the Union Dead by Robert Lowell (1)
V: Visitations by Louis MacNeice
W:  What a Kingdom It Was by Galway Kinnell
X: Exiles and Marriages by Donald Hall (2)
Y:  Your Name Here by John Ashberry
Z:  Blizzard of One:  Poems by Mark Strand (3)

The worst part is that did not take me that long. And it would have been faster if I had ignored the word "the" as I was tempted to do.

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Anna van Schurman said...

You should ignore the word "the." It is ignored in alphabetization by people with any sense. Computers and people willing to rely on them, not so much.