Friday, November 19, 2010

Stitching in Public

The third Wednesday of the month is my guild's regular stitch in public day. Several of us meet at a local Panera's, order food and/or drink and then stitch for two or more hours. 

We have had people stop and talk to us. Maybe they don't come and join our guild, but maybe someday, sometime, they will recognize and join another guild. 

Our favorite story involves a young lady, her younger brother, and their dad. The children wandered over to see what we doing. One of us volunteered a piece of fabric, needle and thread and had started the girl on making Xs. She was probably 6 or 7. And got going full-steam ahead. Finally Dad had to pull the plug on her fun and tell her it was time to leave. And she said, "Just a few more stitches." We all cracked up. How often have we all said that? "Just a few more stitches." or "Let me finish this thread." 

This past Wednesday I was unable to attend because I went to open house for the GIS program at my local community college. All part of going back to school. I'm not foolish. I brought some stitching. Sat down in the front row, pulled it out, and started to work. The Prof who is the head of the dept. kept glancing my way, but he never did come and talk to me. LOL But I did talk to lovely woman who handles the paperwork for the dept. and she said she used to cross stitch. And I encouraged her to start again. 

I'm not sure why, but stitching in public is much more satisfying when so many people around me are sitting there playing with their phones.

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