Thursday, July 28, 2011

President's Challenge

This year's President's Challenge in our guild was to create a piece around a needle minder using three threads you haven't used before. 

Here's my final piece that I brought to the meeting on Saturday. The needle minder is a viking ship from Nordic Needle. There are actually four threads on here that I hadn't used before:

Gumnuts Buds
Stranded by the Sea
Neon Rays +

I'm calling this piece Norwegian Waters after the Silk N Colours silk of the same name. 

It is a four bargello design that I just stitched as it came to me. I did the finishing with the currently trusty sewing machine. 

The most fun part - trying to sew the magnet back onto the fabric. Do you know how difficult this is when the needle is attracted to the magnet? I eventually used a shisha stitch and got it attached, but I felt like I needed extra hands. It seemed to me that if I didn't sew the magnet on, it might migrate with use. I tried glue to hold it in place, but that didn't work. DH was highly amused by my trials.

My first attempt at this challenge is in a project box. I'm not sure that my fabric is large enough. Basically that one will be a sampler. Eventually. Quaker style is what I'm considering. All the words are graphed and rest will eventually come to me. 

Above is a photo of my second attempt at this project. Can you guess what I based this on?

How about a souvenir t-shirt! The Eiffel Tower is the word "I" and the heart is the word "love" and below is space for the word "Paris" which I will write with DMC's Memory Thread. I would have finished this, but a week away from the Challenge it became apparent to me that the skip tent background was going to take a lot longer than I wanted it to. I plan on finishing this one as a little pillow also. Did I consider doing this in a t-shirt shape? Yup. But my piece of congress cloth wasn't large enough to keep the needle minder in scale and that's when I decided to box it instead. It will have two more layers of border on it, too. 

That's all the fun I've been having lately doing my own designing. Trust me, I've been having plenty of fun stitching others' designs as well. Because I have absolutely no resistance to acquiring new stash. 

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