Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Current Progress, as in What's New, Pussycat?

Hello? Anyone still here?

I seem to be absent a lot lately. I even missed the April TUSAL. Things I want to say here just don't seem to make it. It's a new month which means it's time to start afresh. No promises. Just good intentions. 

 I can't remember if I posted a photo of this here on my blog. Someone had to bow out of teaching a class at my EGA guild and her partner asked me to assist. I went into the stash on this one. It's a Rainbow Gallery freebie by Laura J. Perin called "Holiday Square" and as you might assume the original is red, green, white, and gold. I like this way much better. It's the lovely Painters Threads from YLI with some Splendor and Grandeur and whatever the white shiny stuff is - I've already forgotten. Finished size is 4.5 inches square so it fits in a Betsy Box from Sudberry House. Mine isn't "boxed" yet because I'm waiting on a supplier.

Now I really didn't need a new purse project. My last one isn't quite finished. But this one seems to have jumped into its bag and their sharing quarters for now. Pretty, shiny. It's the Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans stitched with YLI Shimmer Blend Ribbon Floss and Mandarin Floss for the flat black. Mindlessness at its best!
And I have been making Quaker progress. My Yellow Rose is joined and the joint is nearly completely stitched over. Sorry - no photo. But my Garden Gate is progressing nicely. I've started forcing myself to stitch some of the over one wording. Yes. I have a coin covering the actual date of my graduation. Not my intent to give up too much personal info online. If I continue at my present snail's pace on this, I might finish up sometime this summer. Maybe before I take another class with the teacher in July? LOL

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Bonnie said...

Have you seen my Holiday Square in the colors Laura used? If not, I will try to dig it out when I get home and bring to stitching. Also, do you have a sign-up form you can send for the PD class in July?