Friday, May 25, 2012

A Book

Okay. I admit it. I majored in English. I have a quote unquote thing for books. If we hadn't been moving around the world for twenty years courtesy of the US Army, I would be living in a library, not a house. But a carton of books can easily weigh fifty pounds or more, so I kept myself in check. We never had to pay for going over our weight allowance. Because I can be reasonable. When I have to be.

That said. There are still seven bookcases in our house. I know that more than half the books are mine. That's all I am admitting. 

Nineteen months ago, I bought a Nook. This curtailed my library visits. And I visited often, because I don't buy the books I read. And I read every day. That side of the book collecting is under control. 

The side that is slightly out of control is the needlework books. 

Two months ago I managed to fit all my books, except the stitch diagram type books, onto my old IKEA Billy bookcase, made back in the 1980s when they were wider than they are now. So it holds a lot of books. 

Since then I confess to buying more books. 


Because we all know what happens when you don't buy a needlework book. It goes out of print and its value trebles! Or goes even higher. 

Now there is a pile of books on a chair in my studio. And Amazon tells me that a few more are headed my way. 

Welcome to my book world. 

I'm going to be sharing some of my latest acquisitions with you. 

First up is truly a classic. I know how I missed buying this book. I was like thirteen when it was published. 

When Terry Dryden was here to teach in April she recommended this book. And it rung a bell. Someone else had recommended this to me. Maybe Susan Goodman at Seminar last year? I'd have to look at my class notes. 

And then last Friday, Jane of Chilly Hollow highlighted this book on her blog. I'm not stupid. The third time I hear a recommendation, I listen.

So I got online and hunted me down a copy. 

And now I own the 4th edition of The Diagonal Basketweave. 

 I found it on Amazon. And with shipping it was under $15. It's not a large book, but it's packed with explanations. If you stitch hand-painted canvases, you should have this book. 

Thanks, Jane, for the reminder!


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