Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Stitching Bloggers Question o' the Month

I guess CinDC must have had the April showers bring May flowers in mind when she thought up this question. Heaven knows we've had a terrific, if early, flower season this year. I even saw a lightening bug on my walk Sunday night!

The question is:

What's your favorite floral piece that you've stitched? Do you prefer your flowers as the centerpiece of the design or as an accent?

My favorite floral piece was stitched back in late 1990s, maybe April 1997? It was a cover of Just Cross Stitch called Medieval Wildflowers. And I just realized that I don't have a photo of it! 

When this piece was published I knew right away I was going to stitch it. I had some blue linen in the stash and the threads are DMC. I know I had it framed in Colorado Springs. Will try to remember to take a photo. But I'm time challenged this week.

This piece is all flowers with a border. Very peaceful and slightly intriguing in its old-fashionedness. 

I know I've got a weakness for flowers - I only have to look in my stash to see all those rose and iris patterns. Or look through my photo albums to see that I can't stop taking pictures of flowers. 


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