Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Delayed Book Review

Last fall I learned about the publication of this book by Trish Burr and I pre-ordered it on Amazon. Which I never, ever do. But I was excited by this one!

Colour Confidence in Embroidery.

So why was this review delayed? Because Amazon sent me an e-mail telling me the shipment of this book would be delayed. And then months later sent me an e-mail canceling my order. WHAT?

I went back to Amazon and ordered it again. And last Thursday it showed up on my doorstep. The day after my surface embroidery class in which we talked about this book. Would have been nice to have it before that, but okay. At least I have it now. 

This is part of the Milner Craft Series which if you haven't perused the full line of books, you should. You might find something here to pique your interest as they cover everything from embroidery to silk ribbon to lace to crochet to knitting to origami and much, much more. Currently they are showing 126 books published and I think I might have 20 them already on my bookshelves. 

Sure. I can hear you saying you've got plenty of stuff on color theory. I know I do. But this book is different. Trish says it took her 3 years to put this book together. I say it took her a lifetime. Of experience. 

We start with the basics. Materials. Equipment. Preparation. And then rapidly move on to shading and stitches and tools for selecting color.

Then it really gets good. "How Colour Affects our Embroidery." Warm and cool. Mixing and balancing and positioning. Contrast. Making things shine. Creating shadow. Adding details. 

Choosing combinations of color. Complimentary color. Color schemes.

Then the second half of the book is projects! Like this lovely camelia. 

This is a beautiful book. Full of beautiful things. And so much practical information. I believe this is the first color book I've seen that comes at color from the point of view of the embroiderer, not as a painter or a designer of textiles. Trish does this book with DMC floss making it accessible to all. Find yourself a copy. You won't regret adding it your library. 

I'm not the only one to rave about this book. You can read Mary Corbet's review here at Needle 'N Thread.  

edit:  I forgot to say that one of the most enjoyable things about this book, besides the quality, is Trish's inclusion of quotes about color. I saw some I haven't seen before!

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Ann said...

I think I NEED this book--thanks for letting us know it's available on Amazon!