Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hand Issues

I have not been stitching much lately. I'm having some hand issues. Is it tendonitis? Maybe. But I know the first thing to do is stop using my hand for repetitive motion things. 

That doesn't mean I've stopped entirely. Just not every day for extended periods of time. Like yesterday. Didn't stitch at all except the few I took stitches I took waiting in the doctor's office. Went from there to airport to pick up DH who had been visiting his parents. 

I thought he was going in to work, but no. He took the rest of the day off. So we got to have some fun in the middle of the week. Went to our favorite pizza place. And then I took him to see the Avengers. I had already seen it so this time I saw it in 3-D. I just do not get this 3-D phenomenon. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think this enhances anything about the experience. We were the only ones in the theater so we got to laugh as loudly as we wanted to. I enjoyed this movie just as much the second time around. 

Then we did a bit of shopping for his mother's birthday. This involved two stops and he got some new polo shirts, too. Then it was dinner time and we stopped at Chipotle. Came home and watched both baseball and basketball. Thanks, honey, I had a terrific time. 

What I was stitching on at the doc's office:

 I would be finished with this, but Tuesday night I decided to add more metallic to the border. It won't take long to reach the end now. It will eventually be a pillow. And please, no comments on how I shouldn't work with such long strands of pearl cotton because it looses its twist. I know that. 


Goldylox99 said...

I like this canvas! Who is the designer?

Needle Nicely said...

I like long strands also. I've even been known to stick my cheek when I've been pulling through a long thread. I haven't noticed that the strand looses much of its integrity.