Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Very Quiet

It's not likely that I'm hunting wabbits. But, ssssh, it's very quiet here. Just having a difficult time organizing my thoughts. Lots going on in real life. Sigh.

Got a new toy to play with - a Nook Tablet - and now I can check my e-mail at the drop of a smidge of wireless connection - and play Words with Friends. LOL
Thus I haven't been getting on computer. It's easy enough to read the blogs on my Tablet, but isn't quite to easy to post as sitting at a keyboard is. So forgive me. I'll overcome this current distraction. And get back in the swing of things. 

What a crappy day. I woke up at 2:30 a.m. Not good, especially when you know you have to wake up 4:30 to drive hubby to airport. I went back to bed when I got home, a fact both cats appreciated. But then had to rush to get out of the house for morning EGA meeting. I didn't stop to make coffee, but went through the drive thru at MickeyD's only to have some awful man ruin my morning. He was in the wrong. No damage to car, but he accused me of swearing at him. Honestly, the word I said as he cut me off was "seriously???" Then he proceeded to ream me out and called me that lovely b-word. I think someone needs to adjust his medication. Then, even though my lactose-intolerant self ordered black coffee, the direction-challenged workers added milk. 

In complete attitude adjustment mode, we had a lovely class with Maggie Fraser. She taught us Flutterbee, one of the fantasy flowers that was in the Needlearts magazine in 2010. Maggie is a treasure as a teacher. Thorough and patient. She also runs a business with her husband called Sylvan Treasures. You can see the wooden items they create here.
Laying tools and ort bowls and all kinds of wonderful wooden things.

Note to self:  ort bowls and pincushion buying opportunity in July. 

I came home from this class and eventually found my way to my real computer and ordered a double flexi clamp from Daylight. Because I can't possibly do coral knots without using both hands. Yup. The solution to my problem was to purchase something else for my little needlework world. This should work well either at my dining room table or with Dave, my little IKEA table. I will now set this class piece aside until I get said clamp in the mail. But I'm thinking of about a gagillion other uses for this clamp. 

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Bonnie said...

Caught the note to self and will keep that in mind! Poor dear, you had a tough Wednesday. During the GLR Seminar, I order the Dorset Table Top Magnifier Lamp. Just waiting for it to arrive. See you soon!