Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm Back

Spent a few days in Florida with my sister visiting our mother as her birthday coincided with Mother's Day this year. Only got to the beach one day - never saw a sunset as each night it was cloudy. But still had a great time. Didn't win at bingo or video slots, but had fun playing. 

Got in a tiny bit of needlework shopping.

Stopped by Needlepoint Ivy which is in Venice. I've attempted to visit here before, but they were closed. This time, they were open! Not a big store, but it's still way better than no store at all. Had some cute Venice based hand-painted canvases. Good customer service. I did buy one small canvas that I can't show here as the intended recipient might see and that would spoil the surprise. 

On Monday my sister and I did the drive down to Port Charlotte to visit Kathy at the Golden Needle. Well, I visit. My sister sits and plays on her phone. LOL

Had a good time browsing the sale bin. The tomato pin cushion kit and mermaid necklace, I paid full price for. Everything else was a major bargain! See the Acorn House drum kit - I nearly paid full price for that last March when I was here. Happy to have waited. Also happy to report that I had no problem taking a package of Grande tacks on the plane in my carry on bag. 

Got home late on Wednesday and hit the ground running. Off to the grocery store and cleaners. Home to cook for potluck. And then off to work my volunteer time at the Woodlawn Needlework Show.

But first, a quick stop at In Stitches to pick up skein of Glorianna. Wait. What's this? Somehow, I came home with two Painted Pony canvases as they are having a trunk show. Big surprise, eh?

I took two Guildhouse Samplers with me on the trip. On the way down, I stitched on the one I don't have a photo of. Sorry. 

On the way back and for a few moments while there, I worked on my Garden Gate. The top border is now finished. I filled in another flower. I did some over one stitching - I am not showing all my personalization online - that's what the skein of silk is covering. I stitched the bees. There's still quite a bit of open space on this. As well as the bottom border. I'm making progress, just not quickly. 
Off to catch up on my blog reading! I'll talk about Woodlawn in my next post.


Melissa said...

Great new stash! I wish there were local shops where I lived too. Sucks not having a good selection at your finger tips.

Glad you had a great time in sunny Florida and welcome back :)

Happy Stitching

Denise said...

Sounds like you had a great time. My sister would be sitting playing on her phone also. Love the Painted Pony Canvases that you got.
Happy Stitching

Anne Stradal said...

Cute donkey!