Monday, June 18, 2012

Blog Hop #4

Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop 

Do you experience this same assumption from society in general that just because you’re being crafty you’re also driven by some unseen force to be in constant 1950s housewife mode? and then…. Who actually does the cooking and the cleaning in the household? I’d also really like to hear some words from the men in the crowd who stitch on this topic. What sort of societal reactions do you get and what ridiculously wrong assumptions do people make towards you when they see you working on needlework?

I do a fair amount of stitching in public and that does open things up to public comments not just about the piece I am working on, but the fact of my stitching at all.

I have not had the experience of being assumed to be an uber housewife. Thank goodness. Because I'm not. I am talented in the kitchen when I wish to be. Capable of keeping a house from falling into complete disarray, but I do it grudgingly. Yes. I am the sole person who does the cleaning and cooking in my household. But of course, I'd rather be stitching. 

In my extended family, no one comments like this about my stitching because they have always seen me with a needle in my hand and they have just accepted that as a fact.

The biggest comment I get from strangers is that they couldn't do what I do because it takes too much patience. 

I try to enlighten them that the path to patience is to do what I do. I certainly wasn't born with an excess of it. 

The second biggest thing about public comments is people who call it knitting. 


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Kasey said...

Yes! I cannot count how many times have I heard cross-stitching called something else. It always drives me crazy (which the hubby says is a short trip).

Kasey said...

I cannot count the number of times someone has called cross-stitching something else. It always drives me crazy.

Stacy C. said...

Had to laugh at the "knitting" comment! I usually hear it referred to as "sewing". While I can sew, I usually avoid sewing as much as I can. I do have my DH trained to know the difference between cross stitch, crochet and quilting!