Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kimono Update - April

Finally. I finished our April stitching on my Kimono project. You would think that getting 13 sections a month finished would be easy. But I like to make things harder than they should be. 

I got bogged down when I didn't like how a section was working out and I just put it aside. Took me a while to figure out my problem and fix it. But now I am happy again!

It's funny. When I start certain sections, I think this isn't going to work. It looks like crap. Then I keep going and at the end, I love it.

In particular, I love how section 35 worked out. This is alternating an overdyed silk with a #12 Kreinik braid. Looks way better in person. This photo is slightly washed out. 
Down here at the bottom - I have mistakes in that lighter green section which I can see. In fact, the entire section is a mistake as I started it with 4 plies and it should really be 3. But I'm leaving it for now. I may go back and correct this at later.

So now you know how I'll be beating the heat here on the east coast this morning. Staying at home and working on May!

Details:  Shining Needle Society class with John Waddell. 


Denise said...

The colors in this piece are gorgous.
Happy Stitching

Anna van Schurman said...

Looks great! Love the colors.