Thursday, June 28, 2012

EGA Meeting Day

I love my meeting days. Great to visit with friends and catch up on what they are doing. Best are when the meeting days include a class like this one:

Willing Hands "Elizabethan Casket Etui" by Betsy Morgan:

For those of you who already taken this class (in Australia at Beating around the Bush or in the western U.S.), we are doing things in a slightly different order. 

We didn't have prework, because we've scheduled a follow-up finishing class for January. And because we have both a morning and an evening meeting, I was able to get this far on my thimble holder yesterday. I'm working on creating a windmill. 
I'm excited by this project. It does have a fair amount of over one stitching, but not so much that I'll be setting it down. The project is Betsy's version of a casket a la the Martha Edlin casket in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. 

You can see Martha's casket here in a video. She was only eleven when she stitched this masterpiece. 

At the evening meeting I worked on my windmill while helping a friend, Kathy, whom we led down the path to the dark side last Saturday. She's got minimal canvas experience. And this is what she left Bedecked and Bedazzled with in her beautiful pink shopping bag!!!


Ruth is amazing with color! Kathy and I got this tacked on to her stretcher bars and got her started stitching. Go, Kathy!

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RuthB said...

lol leading your friends down the path, eh. :) Seems like you lead her down an awfully nice path too!