Monday, June 04, 2012

Kimono Update

I'm sure by now my friend, Donna, who is also stitching this piece has been wondering if I was ever going to get back to this. Donna has posted photos of her May stitching which looks fantastic. (edit:  posted in the class yahoogroup.)

And me? I'm still working on April. In fact my last posted photos are dated April 3rd.

I fell into one of those places where I didn't like how something looked. I thought it was my color choices on section 30 that were killing me. I even brought the piece to my stitching groups asking their advice on the color. The decision was to continue. 

Saturday afternoon I took my Kimono outside to the deck to enjoy the lovely weather and looked at section 30 and sighed. And boom. It hit me. My problem wasn't with color. It was with my compensation. So I am outside laughing to myself and I frogged my darker purple. In no time at all, I managed to restitch this area with the same color, but enlarging the stitch. Big improvement. Huge. Finally I'm moving on.

I finished section 30 and 31 on Saturday and started section 32 yesterday. Phew. Overall this is where I am. Got a ways to go to catch up to the schedule.

 My improved Section 30.

 I also acquired a new accessory:  a Needle Valet from DebBee's Designs.

 Funny how the colors match my Kimono. Super handy little do-dah for parking threads. 

Now about my public statement about not making goals. Well, I'm going to contradict myself and make one now. I will catch up on my Kimono. We should be through Section 65 by the end of June. But that's not my goal. My goal is to finish by the end of this year so I don't carry another UFO over into 2013! See? I can be reasonable. 

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RuthB said...

Congrats on finding out what was wrong with the "color." lol

Your kimono looks fantastic! I'll look forward to you succeeding in your goal.