Thursday, June 07, 2012


I want to confirm here that I have finished my registration for EGA National Seminar in Santa Fe. 

I'm one of the hundred or so that will have a spouse attending with me. He's not into golf, but he loves the southwest and there is no way I could go to New Mexico without him unless I wanted to get divorced. *joking*

I've been a very busy stitcher lately, but alas, I have no photos to share. There is a project that it pains me to work on because the lovely lady who started it has died. She had made a start on a wedding sampler that is a gift for another member. I have comes to terms with it and have begun the process of finishing this piece for her. I'm hoping to pass it along to others in my Tuesday Night group of stitchers so we can all share in stitching on it. 

I've also been stitching some Montenegrin samples. I'll show this eventually. 

And I've picked up an experimental bargello that I started like 18 months ago. 

And I've joined my linen and started stitching on Cindy Valentine's Tropical Punch that was in July 2011 Needlepoint Now. 

Colors are brighter than this photo! The directions were probably terrific as originally written by Cindy, but the edited version in the magazine leaves a little bit to the imagination. Doesn't give clear starting points. Or even spacing. And calls for the cretan stitch to be done with a Glorianna that is a Crescent Colour name. Makes me wonder sometimes. 

But still it's very cheerful summertime stitching!


Rachel S-H said...

What a pretty piece!

jhm said...

And what class(es) have you registered for? Curious minds want to know.


Vicky said...

If you happen to check the Gloriana color names you will see that 100 is indeed Miami Deco!

Vicky said...

If you will refer to the Gloriana color card you will see that #100 is properly named as Miami Deco