Friday, June 08, 2012

Progress and Photos!

First:  I finished "Ravish Me" which will get made into a pillow when I find time to take it to the finishers. No rush. I added a little bit more bling in the border and I think it needed it. Very happy with this. And yes. It is for me.

Progress photo:  this is a bargello piece that I started as an experiment to see what would happen with an overdyed thread. I got so far and ran out of thread. Had to find somewhere on line to order more. It's Carrie's Creations Caribbean Laney and also there is one skein of DMC in there. Thus far it's taken nearly 5 skeins of Carrie's to get to this point. I hope I have enough to finish it. 

I also did not count as carefully as I thought I did. The top and bottom are supposed to be symmetrical and aren't! Also the top was wider than the bottom. OH MY! I must have been drinking mint juleps or something. I'm doing some creative fudging.

And that's my proof that I'm still putting thread in a needle and using it. 

I've got another little project that I worked on the past two days that I can't show yet. All in all, I'm feeling pretty good about stitching these days. 


Cathy Pavlovich said...

Love your finish and your bargello. The colors are beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the finish.

Carol said...

When my stitching friends and I make mistakes we get away with it by calling them "design adaptions".At least your piece will now be an original. Stitch and enjoy.
Bye for now, Carol