Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Casket Etui

Ha. I forgot I had finished the stitching on the thimble bag so here's a progress picture of my Casket Etui by Willing Hand's Betsy Morgan. 

There's a lot of cream outlining there with pearl cotton that matches the fabric so you can barely see my progress. I've got my four-sided stitch done and can start cutting in order to do the Aztec stitch. I'm looking forward to this game!

Some of my friends who took this class are way ahead of me! Not surprised. 

My goal - look I am publicly stating a goal here, people! - is to have the stitching done by the finishing class at the end of January. Not a lofty goal. That's 6 months. But now that I've stated it, watch me blow it. LOL

I'm moving right along with my challenge project. Had to decide last night on going symmetrical or asymmetrical. Because I had originally sketched this out with asymmetry, I decided to continue that way. Gives me one more area to play with stitches and threads. 

And that's what I'll be doing today. I need to run off to the grocery store before it gets any hotter and then I'll be hiding from the heat and stitching. Maybe it's time to start watching Criminal Minds in the order they were filmed instead of my casual I'll-watch-whatever-is-ION approach. 

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Bonnie said...

And some of your stitching friends are way behind you on this. I am one of those.