Monday, July 09, 2012

Road Trip

DH and I decided to leave town after the 4th. Just a quick north of us only staying away one night. The original intent of the trip was ruled out when we realized the intended destination was only open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. So instead of pushing back by day or two, we left as planned on Thursday morning. 

Our goal - the West Chester County Historical Society.

Members of the Loudoun Sampler Guild went to see this back in May when I was in Florida so I missed that field trip. And while it would have been nice to view this with fellow afficionados, it was pretty cool being the only person in the entire exhibit. This way when a swear word or two escaped my lips, there was no one to hear me!

I was nearly hyperventilating. There's just something about being in the presence of the old lovelies. There is organization to the exhibit - alphabet, marking, darning, pictorial, architectural, mourning, globes, pinballs. My hubby came in to admire the globes and the one map sampler. If you're into antique samplers and within a three hour drive, you owe yourself a trip here. It's open through the beginning of September. edit:  I forgot to mention of flame stitched purses. OH MY! Those really make me want to commit vandalism and robbery to get myself one. Just a personal quirk, I think...

But this was not the only needlework type experience for the day. Gotta lovvve DH as he let me drag him to two needlework stores. (Some of you may remember that I won some gift certificates back at National Seminar last fall - well, it was time to redeem them!)

First up - Fireside Stitchery in Frazer, PA. Link here.

 Does this look like a big place from the outside? Because it is.

 I am always a sucker for a pink tree. You'd think I'd have one of these by now at my house. And if you look closely, you'll see a future project of mine to the right of the tree. I have that cat canvas. Bought it years ago at Needle Nook of LaJolla.
 I'm not sure if these photos can convey what a place this is. The owner referred to it as a thread warehouse and that sounds right. I've been in a lot of needlework stores over the years and I believe this place wins for the most thread in one place! And there were signs here and there to look for more threads coming soon!

Pretty much a fiberholic's paradise. 

Second stop was at Stitch N' Stuff in Reading. Link here. A straight up old-fashioned cross stitch shop that also has a nice selection of counted canvaswork. Sorry no photos. It was so hot that I was starting to lose my abilities. Seriously. 

Tune in soon to see what I bought.


Judith said...

Fireside is great. I was there recently and not only is the selection great, but, the people there are really helpful. Of course, I left with much more than I intended to buy. That is the downside of a great store.

Anna van Schurman said...

I go when I can't find threads elsewhere. Just wish they carried Needlepoint Silk! This was the place where he got some discontinued cross stitch fabric, remembered I was a cross-stitcher, and sold it to me dirt cheap. LOVE!