Thursday, July 12, 2012

Library Acquisitions

While I was out shopping on Saturday, I knew I wanted to stop by a very large used bookstore. Problem was my GPS didn't know it by its name. And darned if I could remember what was near it. 

I decided to chance it and pulled off the highway and started into town. But now I wasn't arriving from my usual direction. 

Again let me state that I have the best friends. A quick call to F. on my cell phone and she zeroed me right in on where I wanted to be. Best of all, it was just time for me to move to the left across three lanes and turn. LOL Thank you!

I almost bagged this stop to go straight home. After all, it was past noon and hot as blazes. But something was compelling me to go. 

 I got all this for $17 and it only took me about 10 minutes. Even if I had just found that Virginia sampler book for $1.75 it would have been worth the stop. One of these may be a second copy for me - I need to go check the library. If it is, I'll find it a good home. (If I ever get a smart phone, I would solve this issue.) 


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MelissaD said...

I have both the Helen Stevens book and the one using space-dyed threads. They are great and I'm so jealous you got them so inexpensively. Our used bookstore never has anything currently in the craft area - only avocado green and burnt orange stuff- LOL

enjoy! and hope it gets cooler soon - it was 105 for me yesterday - ugh